2013 In Review & 2014 Goals

I’ve been thinking lately about my body of work.  Everything a person does adds up to tell the story of what they care about and what they accomplished.  I’ve never really kept track of this at any more granularity than a resumé, and I think that’s a problem.  It leads to forgetting what you’ve done, and losing track of your major goals.  Memory is fallible, and with enough time I’ll forget all but the broadest strokes of what I’ve done.  A person’s expertise is based on their history of doing things and what they learned from it, and the less they remember of that history the less expertise they have.  Also, looking back at a list of accomplishments gives a new perspective on how they fit in to a person’s major goals, and that insight can inform what future actions will help reach those goals.

So what did I do in 2013?

One problem with this list is that too many things were just whatever was in front of me.  Aside from the woodworking class and the budget, I just did whatever was convenient.  I've relied too much on opportunities presenting themselves and I haven't been making my own opportunities to build the body of work I really want.

To that end, my goals for 2014 are: