BARcamp Chicago 2010 and Why I Haven't Built a Hero's Fountain

BARcamp Chicago 2010 wrapped up a couple weeks ago, and it was a great success.  Last year was the first time that Jason Rexilius, the founder of BARcamp Chicago, took a smaller role in planning the event and as a result it was a bit rocky.  This year we got a better start on planning, got enough sponsorship to cover all our costs, and were well organized enough that nobody had to run around putting out fires all weekend.  There were definitely some areas where we could improve for next year, particularly in marketing and managing content, and we're already working on ways to do better. One of the things I was most looking forward to at BARcamp this year was BARcompany.  We've tried to foster entrepreneurship in the past but there hasn't been much success.  This year we had five teams start to build something, and three made it through to present their idea.  The winner was RuggedScents, a campfire scented cologne put made Sacha De'Angeli and myself.  Check out his write up of how the idea came about.  This is why I'm not building a Hero's Fountain anymore: I was only focusing on that to make a kit that I could sell, but since RuggedScents fell in my lap there's no need to work on the fountain.  I'll still get back to the fountain and other kit ideas I have eventually, but for now RuggedScents looks promising!