Cgi::irc and Ubuntu

I don't like using Pidgin(Gaim) or Mirc for an irc client when I'm on windows, and I'd rather just not bother having a client on whatever machine I'm using in general, so I usually install cgi::irc on a server and use that. I recently reinstalled Ubuntu on my server and had to reinstall cgi::irc. After that, when I tried to connect to any server I kept getting the error:

***Access Denied: No connections allowed

I tried to find an error log somewhere on the system but there wasn't one. Eventually I grepped the source for “No connections allowed” and found it on line 715 of nph-irc.cgi. This is in the code to handle ip access restrictions. So I go to the config file and find a file called “ipaccess” which only contains a rule to allow connections from This was the problem. I didn't care about ip restrictions, so I went to the main config file and commented out the line:

ip_access_file = ipaccess

Now I can log in to my cgi::irc no problem. I could also have added more rules to “ipaccess”, but I didn't want to fiddle with it, and I'd probably end up with the same situation as I have now.

It's important to note that the default Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty Fawn) cgi::irc package comes configured like this and doesn't tell you that you have to change it in order to make it useful. Maybe this should have a configuration prompt on installation as is done with packages like Postfix.


Andrew Gee: Thanks for this blog post! You saved me from hours of confusion!

Anonymous: Yea thanks a load. I was getting worried :D

Kipman: Thanks fixed it for me… I am of a veiw packages should come with readme as half the time I spend looking around for where the hell the config file are!