Idea: Book Sprints

Do you have a topic you want to learn about by reading a book, but you anticipate having trouble getting through it all? Do you spend so much effort slogging through a book that you never get around to applying the knowledge you wanted to get out of it? I do, so I tried to think of a better way to get the information I want out of the book without getting bogged down and giving up. I came up with Book Sprints. Basically, iterate through books a chapter at a time and treat them as a choose your own adventure. Choose your starting point, probably the first chapter, and as you go keep track of what topic you understood the least or want to learn about the most. Then skip to another chapter that addresses that topic the best. Many people do this already, but it could be enhanced by collaborating with other people who are reading or have read the same book. The value add in this idea is to create a web site that allows people to participate in a discussion about each chapter of the book individually. This discussion can help the reader to keep track of what they've learned from the book, and to enhance their understanding with input from other people who may be subject matter experts or may have just read more of the book. The discussion can pique the reader's curiosity about another section of the book and inspire them to keep on reading. So what do you think of this idea? Is it worth thinking out a little further, or is there not enough here to be worth anything?