Internet Famous

Today I was informed that a project that Dan and I collaborated on recently received a bit of attention on the internets. Our “In Case of Revolution Break Glass” box, pictured below.

Guy Fawkes mask in a glass front box labeled "In case of revolution, break glass"

Dan had the idea, I did the woodwork, and Dan painted and lettered. One major reason that Dan wanted to make this was so he could post it on a “Show off stuff you've made” thread on Something Awful. From there it was cross posted to Digg (edit: and made the #1 spot apparently!), then on to this blog, which was Reddited, and then on to College Humor today. There were many more too, 3,580 hits on Google. The only credit we got was someone in the digg comments saying “This is from Something Awful, a goon did it” (half true), but that's to be expected. I'm still pleased. And next time it'll say “” across the bottom. :-)


Dan: Join Something AWful, so you can make it can be more truer.

Dan: Holy crap was I drunk a second ago when I made that comment?

Alex Rakoczy: I can see your sideburns in the reflection. It must have been you.

jbalint: nice