Laser Cut Lampshade

Laser Cut Lampshade

Laser cut from cardboard, then glued to paper and cut out, then hot glued into a box and fitted with an IKEA Hemma cord set.


Dan: Did you design that yourself as well? I haven't kept up with all you've been working on lately but that might be worth trying to put on Etsy. What kind of wood is that? It looks kindof thick. Also I don't really notice burn marks.

tsaylor: Yeah, designed myself. It's actually corrugated cardboard. I intend to use wood later but this was just a prototype. I could etsy it but it's another cheap product that requires shipping; if I'm going to ship products to people they're going to be expensive.

Dan: Cheap to produce, maybe. I bet it could sell for more than those glasses, though maybe with a very high volume.