Maker Faire: Austin '07

I got back from the Maker Faire last weekend, and it was amazing. Many of the projects I had seen online like the Singing Tesla Coil, the RepRap, Cyclecide and their freak bikes, all the kits from the Maker Store and Adafruit Industries, and some projects from Instructables were there to be played with in meatspace. The highlights for me were riding a double decker bicycle, seeing the 10 foot tall trebuchet launch a watermelon, Cyclecide's bicycle powered ferris/hamster wheel, the CNC woodworking tools, learning how to spin wool into yarn, 5 minute t-shirts with Bre Pettis, and actually playing the singing tesla coils through a keyboard. Unfortunately I'm an idiot and brought my camera to the faire, but left the battery safely plugged into the wall in Chicago. Fortunately, plenty of other people documented the event for me. Enjoy the pictures, and start saving up for San Mateo in May!