Save This For Me

A while back I saw Emerson Spartz speak at Technori Pitch, and one minor thing he said (about 7:30 in) stuck in my head. He reads a ton, and when he finds something he wants to remember he reads it again the next week, the next month, and every six months after that. It sounded like a good idea. I wanted a tool to help me do that, so I made one.

Save This For Me saves whatever you give it and emails it to you on a decaying schedule: two days, one week, 30 days, and every 180 days after you save it. The content is written in markdown, so you have flexibility to add rich content while being fairly friendly to articles pasted from the web.

I mostly wrote this because I want to use it, but I hope other people want to use it too.  I have ideas for improving it too, but there's not much use in improving it too much if nobody else finds it useful, so I'm releasing it now as a minimum viable product.  Please give it a try and send me feedback by email or twitter, or as a comment on this post.


Cezar: Great work. You should add a Zapier integration. That would take this over the top.